Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Date 25th...

One Month back on June 25th I had 'Death Experience' when I was getting drown in water.
Last night I had the same nightmare and today morning when I woke up and found myself 'Alive' I felt very greatful to the existance for the new 'Life'. And, I thought to remember/celebrate this day every month to remind myself 'How Lovely the Life is' and 'How Compassionate is the Darling Death'.

The date 25th is of special importance for one another reason also that on this very date in December 2010 (Christmas Eve) I started talks with my beloved...and that season of spring still surrounds me. But now a days It seems that the season is changing and autumn has come in my life.

I was under medication for last seven months and after that now a days suffering from the 'Side Effects' (@both levels: Physical and Mental). Hope, I should be better soon.

Anyway, Let me feel this very moment and let me THANK to ALL for my extended Probationary Period. Afterall we all are in the same Company called LIFE :)

Today I see that there is a Man who is in a Confused State. One side he sees that the Life is full of so many Desires and to fullfill them he comes into the action which is his 'Survival Extinct' in this world. Other side, he ultimately founds himself totally Alone and a Lotus blossoms into his Conscience. The very Lotus smiles and tells something to him and he gets goose bumbs. Thereafter he is in constant practice to be on the 'Middle Path' and experience the 'Life' and 'Beyond Life' both.

Will this practice is of any worth? Is he not cheating himself? Is he not aware but keeping his eyes half closed and ignoring something which is very obvious to him?....Thousand and One questions are there.

But leaving those questios apart I would like to request you to think and meditate on your Cup of Coffee/Tea and to feel how important your life is and how much prepared you are for 'a Date' with 'Darling Death'. Do we need any preparation or not...?What do you feel?

Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti !!!

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