Saturday, January 26, 2008

"I walk back towards the large gates,
breeze rusting leaves across the roads,
fluttering in winds,and walk past the lifeless canteen,
with no one to shout। Peep into emptyclasses missing screams of joy। Stand at the tree,
where a hundred loves was declared and broken। A single tear escapes my eye and falls towards the emptiness of the sands,
as my mind races in thought। Alone I stand,
as I think,its allover and onlymemories remains,memorable collage days….........."

Saturday 26th, overwhelming experience at VIT campus on the eve of VITAA 13th annual get together.
The event was rememberable and quite inspiring with the company of enlightened seniors and faculties. This Enlightenment was touching the shores of both the Professional as well as the Personal life.
Visinory Chancellor sir, addressed the gathering through the Video conference from New Delhi.

Library,Labs,Classes,Gallaries,Canteens,Hostels.....flora and fauna all were in a celebration mood.It was like a marriage ceremony were all family members get together to share and care each other.
Afternoon we had a power lunch together, and in the evening we took buses for our destinations.... having the rubies and emeralds of those beautiful moments spent together at an eden garden.... our campus of VIT(A place to learn:A chance to grow).

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Harshit Gupta said...

kuch naya bhi to likhiye bhaiya... hum intezar mein hain... :)
waise achcha likha hai... Keep it up...
aur ye visual verification ko kripaya samapt kijiye...

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