Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A note on new year...

Hello dear ones!

Wish you a smiling new year 2008 :)

The day started as like other ones and ended like so...

The new year eve was special at social, people got to have enjoyment with this day...They must enjoy.

I thought that why not this celebrating attitude remains with us all the time... why we are subjected to some chance only... when there may not be a second chance at all... after all it's all together...

May we learn to cherish the moments together and may we share our love and compassion with both of them whom do we love and whom do we not love also,bco'z it's black and white which makes a picture.

May we get rid out of our bad habits,lets say smoking for example... with our conscious approach we can do it bit by bit.... get rid out of it!

Grow Vegetarianism in you... I mean both at eating and thinking habits of it.

keep smiling and love one another,

with love and hearty wishes yours ever,

:) kapoor

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