Monday, September 26, 2011

A day without wallet and money!

Today when I left home, I took everything in my bag...even my not working phone; but somewhow I forgot to take my wallet.

Usually it happens when on Monday I will take my wallet out of Jeans pocket and put it in black office pant, it makes me feels that weekend has gone :(

And, when I was crossing traffic signal where sometimes Police do check DL, I just remembered that I missed it in my wallet. Thanks God, today the check didn't happen :)
I came to office and whole day, I just witnessed the urge of using wallet/money/card etc. I found it struggling without wallet many a times. I had snacks in the eveing by collecting coins from my bag's small change pocket. I felt little lost, but just remembered an article published some days back in TOI. 'IIM-B students experience what it is to be poor' . I am not saying that by missing my wallet for a day I got some "Gyan" on living without money but it certainly made me think over the materialistic approach we have to survive on daily basis. A third of Indians live on Rs 20 a day .
I have asked some of my friends that how do they feel when they don't have sufficient balance in their account/has just few rupees in pocket. Most of them say they feel like 'screwed'. And, this seems like a problem of larger population. Money empowers us, it gives a 'FEEL GOOD' !!
May be that is why we miss PEACE of MIND, just because we don't have money- how much we want. And, is there a limit of wealth we posses and say it's enough? NO. But, masses are on a rat-race to accomplish 'something' in this world by all means. They say: 'Money begets Money' .
Anyhow, the day went ok as most of the time I was at work in a secured campus but the world outside is certainly not that cozy, to be without money and wallet (which contains many valuable informations for our identity and survival).
'Be Careful !' that's what one of my friend told while lending me some money EOD today :)


Unknown said...

True words

smilekapoor said...

Thanks for your attention and interest.
"वैभव दूना , अंतर सूना ।
प्राणों के पंखों को तौलें ।
अपने ही मन से कुछ बोलें..." - अटल जी

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