Monday, September 19, 2011

Life without Cell Phone

'Life Without Cell Phone' can you just imagine? I know it is a Big deal. And now I am trying to make this deal however small or big for sake of my Life and Love. As in my last post I wrote that my cell got some technical issue and it couldn't get repaired. May be I need to reset the instrument once again to factory defalult. And, I feel I can only do that myself. last few days I felt that somewhere it is no more healthy for me, for my life and for my love. I don't want to continue t his dopamine-driven life. I know it is very difficult, almost like writing with left hand but sometimes we do need to put relaltion and life on top.

I want PEACE and LOVE back to my life. I need to learn to react differently in simple situations.

Just because I am going to ditch my cell phone doesn’t mean I forgo the responsibility of calling people back or I won't miss them. I will go for alternative means: letter/email/house-office land line etc. For my family or people that will actually call my significant other to get to me, I will make sure they understand my new system.

I hope my this approach will calm down my stress and my loved ones will understand me.

Giving a chance to my Life on this road travelled never before... Thank you in advance for your comments. Keep Smiling!

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