Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Pyramid Valley

This Saturday-Sunday got title of 'Pilgrimage weekend' for me. On Saturday,17Sep Vishwakarma Pooja was there. I gave my WEGO for servicing in the morning. Late in the afternoon I felt sudden sense of loneliness and somehow very sorry for all my weekends in near months. I had a plan to go to Pyramid Valley and it just popped up in mind. From My home it was around 40 KMs via NICE Road. In hurry an incident happend and my cellphone got droped and call functionality died.

I took a dormatory there for night stay and spent almost all the time roaming in the Valley and in the Pyramid. It is really nice experience being at this Budha Area. I woke up early at 04 AM in the morning and after bath I directly reached to Pyramid for morning meditation. I found that almost 90% of the people staying in velly were already there. I meditated there till 07 AM and then had walks around the hills and gardens. Pyramid valley is a must see place near Bangalore and it has certainly some Healing energy. I wish next time I could come here with my wife who is very fond of such places. After breakfast I left the valley and on the way back I visited a SAI BABA temple. My wife is a devotee of SAI BABA, and luckily I got this temple on the way to take her here also.

All folks who is in Bangalore,will surely be knowling about THE ART OF LIVING. Before I would have left Kanakpura road, I found this centre and jut went inside. I took few snaps here and there and attended SUDARSHAN KRIYA session in the afternoon. I came back to home after that and felt better after visiting these Holy places.

In the evening I am in search of some cell mechanic who can look into my PALM CENTRO and allow me to connect with people who otherwise will be thinking that I have gone 'Sanyashi' after this weekend ;) But personally I feel that, Being Sanyasi doesn't mean leaving's about living life with my true self and loving what existence has offered me. I am grateful for that. Have a great weekend dear ones! To check out my snaps do visit: Pyramid Valley

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